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Let’s Be Partners!

Our affiliate marketing program is a unique opportunity for you to earn money by referring others to sign up for EmailOpened! It pays to spread the word about one of the easiest email marketing tools on the market. When we make money, you do too! The best part? It can be done with the click of a button!

Recurring 25% Commission | No Cost or Resources Required | Commissions Paid Monthly

How It Works

Whether you’re an expert or beginner, being an EO Affiliate is simple! There are 3 easy steps to reaping the rewards.

  • Place Banner/ Ad

    Place ads, banners, or links on your site in a visible spot. When people click the ad, they are directed to your referral page.

  • Promote

    Tell anyone & everyone about us and spread the word! Use our promotional tips & tricks guide to help boost your sign ups.

  • Collect Earnings

    Once you hit a minimum of $20, you can collect your check every month! You can track how much you’ve made in the stats section.

For Example…

If you refer a new user who signs up to a $40 package, you’ll receive $10 for every month they remain an EmailOpened user.
Thats $120 a year just for one user! If that customer upgrades, so does your commission.

    Why Join?

  • Promote Something New

    Offer one of the best email marketing tools

  • Recurring Commissions

    Earn 25% recurring commission on each sale

  • Simple Payouts

    Checks over $20 are mailed monthly

  • No Risk, Only Reward

    There is absolutely no risk or cost to sign up

    The Benefits

  • Real-time Sales & Click Statistics

    See who’s signed up & how much your making

  • Promo Material

    Use our banners & ads to promote yourself

  • Sales Notifications

    Get instantly notified when you make a sale

  • News Letter & Training Material

    You’ll receive the latest tips to increase sales

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"We're helping everyday businesses take full advantage of email marketing opportunities - without needing extra time or resources. Watch as your business flourishes in the email marketing world."

-Keith, Founder