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Meet the EmailOpened Team

As a small, dedicated team located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, we are working towards changing
the world of email creation, delivery and analytics.

Who We Are

With diverse culture and knowledge, our small but powerful team has developed and released the beta version of our email platform.
EmailOpened is rapidly growing and expanding while being government and venture capital backed.

  • Keith Gallant

    Founder & CTO

  • James Drage

    Managing Director

  • Janith Peduruge


  • Emily Daniels


  • Dallas Read


Email Opened has tools and algorithms at the pre and post sending level of email delivery that increase the efficacy of the sent email. Our tools analyze overall message analytics as well as contact specific data. With our tools and analytics working in synergy, we can customize the outgoing emails in real-time to maximize the potential of the intended contacts seeing the message and in turn reacting to the message.

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"We're helping everyday businesses take full advantage of email marketing opportunities - without needing extra time or resources. Watch as your business flourishes in the email marketing world."

-Keith, Founder