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Contact Management

Manage lists, contacts, & performance.

Simple Contact Upload

Uploading your contacts has never been so simple! We give you the option to add contacts manually, or uploading an exported CSV, XLS, or XLSX file. Our uploading process ensures your lists are fully CASL & CAN-SPAM Compliant. You can also collect new contacts using our Sign Up Forms..

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Individual Contact Engagement

You’ve never had so much information at your finger tips! Our detailed Contact Engagement Analytics give you an insight on how your contacts are performing – individually!

Overall Engagement Scores, Open & Click Rates, & the Best Interaction Times are only a few of the statistics we provide you.

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Create List Segments

Want to target a certain group in your contact lists? How about sending a special promotion to only people how really engage with your email? Segment your list! We give you the ability to create targeted sub lists.

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List Statistics

Keep tabs on how all of your lists are performing. We give you instantly updated statistics on your list’s Open, Click, Bounce, & Unsubscribe Rates.

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