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Email Body Analysis

Our one click Email Body Analysis will let you know any potential problems that may affect your open & click rate.

Email Body Analysis
Is the Email Body Really Important?

Is the Email Body really that important?

Yes! Though it is often overlooked, the message body is the key to getting your contacts to engage. People have signed up to receive your email for a reason, they want to hear what you have to say! Writing good, engaging content is one thing, but where do you put your content? Do you add images? How many should you add? These are just a few questions most email marketers face, but don’t know how to answer.

Email Body Analysis

How the Email Body Analyzer Works

Our Email Body Analysis reviews your message & provides you with helpful hints & warnings to maximize your message effectiveness based on your previous campaign performance. From the content to image placement, we ensure your message will perform at it’s best.

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