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Real-Time Subject Analysis

Find the best email subject line that will actually get your messages opened.

the best email subject lines

What makes a good subject?

What Makes a Good Subject Line?

A Subject Line is one of the most important aspects to getting your message opened. Though it’s so important, it’s not always easy finding the perfect one. Quality, length, tone, & spelling are all factors that must be considered. But how do you know what really works?

the best subject lines

The Best Subjects – in Real-Time!

As you type your subject, we give you real-time feedback, offering congratulations, warnings, & suggestions that ensure you have the best subject line possible for your intended audience. We’ll tell you the good, the bad, & the likeliness of your message getting opened.

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Improve your subject line

Stop Guessing, Start Improving

Our Subject Analyzer recommendations are based on your contacts past behaviours in addition to our overall client statistics. When we learn about your contacts, you get much more detailed, data driven suggestions. We are tailored to you & your sending habits – there’s no generalization here!

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